What our clients say

Walder Wyss has been providing outstanding legal advice since Anivo’s incorporation and continues to be a trusted partner in corporate, contractual and regulatory matters.

Alexander Bojer, Co-Founder & CEO

Since many years our legal matters have have been in excellent hands with Walder Wyss and we highly appreciate their invaluable advice.

Nikolaus Wein, Chairman

Invaluable support in FinTech and fundraising matters. And they are there for you whenever you need them.

Julian Teicke, Founder & CEO
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They are extremely efficient, highly professional and straight to the point. Recommended for all startups!

Laurent Decrue, Founder & CEO

The Walder Wyss Start-up Desk competently supported our company on all key legal topics of an early-stage ETH Biotech start-up. Counting on Walder Wyss as a very reliable partner, we can focus fully on our business.

Tomas de Wouters, Founder & CEO

Walder Wyss did a great job for us in checking our platform for accordance with public law. Their work was perfectly tailored to our requirements: It was precise, fast and efficient.

Andi Heizmann, Co-Founder & CEO

We chose Walder Wyss because they are the most experienced and most cutting edge law firm supporting technology companies in Switzerland.

Johannes Reck, CEO
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Walder Wyss did a great job. Their work style is highly professional, very fast and, yes, affordable for start-ups.

Roman Hartman & Tobias Schubert, Founders

Mornings, evenings, weekends & even when on holiday, Walder Wyss were there to support us in setting up our FinTech. Exceptional expertise and advice.

Ben James, Founder & CEO

We highly appreciate their experience and pragmatic approach. It is a pleasure to work with Walder Wyss.

Felix Niederer, Founder & CEO
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Excellent and forward-looking advice. Knowing that our legal matters are in best hands with Walder Wyss allows us to focus on our vision.

Lukas Gysin, Founder & CEO
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In my view, the best law firm for start-ups in Switzerland. I will work with them again for our next venture.

Amir Suissa, Founder & CEO
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They truly adapt to the clients’ skillset, show flexibility and will not bill unnecessary hours.

Florian Kübler & Michel Lalive d'Epinay, Founders

They have a strong understanding of the business and allow us to negotiate with large corporates at eye level. Great to have them as our counsel.

Joël Busset, CEO

Consistently knowledgeable, responsive and reliable. They are a top choice for start-ups who want their legal matters in trustworthy hands.

Mark Forster, Founder & CEO

Our exit to a NASDAQ-company would not have gone through without the experience and the tireless support by Walder Wyss. Brilliant teamwork.

Michael Friedrich, Founder & former CEO

Walder Wyss was our key legal advisor for our first financing round and subsequent exit. Their knowledge, experience and negotiation skills were invaluable for us.

Manuel Tiemann, Founder & CTO
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Walder Wyss is a great partner for an alternative start-up such as our company. They took the time to understand our concerns and provided excellent counsel.

Yannick Gubler, Founder & CEO
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We would highly recommend Walder Wyss to other highgrowth technology companies with international exposure.

Georg Polzer, Founder & CEO

Extremely productive collaboration. Thanks to the clear and understable process they proposed, we were able to achieve our goals.

Aurel Greiner, Founder & CEO