Affordable. Excellence in legal matters plays a crucial role in all stages of a successful start-up story. Monitoring legal costs, too.

How can the budget of a start-up and the fee structure of a large law firm be reconciled? The answer to this is simple: efficiency, fairness and long-term relationships.

Our experienced start-up desk identifies and focuses on legal issues that really matter. We ensure that issues are solved in an efficient and practical manner, and we are not afraid to tell you when things could be done at your end or at a later stage.

We build on trust and rely on long-lasting relation­ships with start-up companies and their founders.

Extremely reliable, efficient and affordable for startups. We realized how valuable professional support is at an early stage.

Jonas Fehlmann, CFO & Founder

Walder Wyss did a great job. Their work style is highly professional, very fast and, yes, affordable for start-ups.

Roman Hartman & Tobias Schubert, Founders